Base Session



1 Pet Per Session

Our Photoshoot Package

The Base Session

At the core of all that we do is our $75 base session. This is our bread and butter, our short-form photoshoot where we get just enough time to desensitise your pet to all of the gear and capitalise on the remaining time to capture some amazing photos. All without breaking the bank for you.

Each session is usually booked back to back with other photoshoots, so we are able to save each client money by sharing the cost of preparation and setup between all of the sessions on a day.

This fee will be applicable to all consumer photoshoots, where planned private sessions gain extra customisation options and come with extra fees. Finally commercial pricing is a whole new price structure.

Need More Than One Image?

The Digital Image Packages

We have structured our business around a basic and minimal sitting fee, which covers everything from the planning of the short and sweet session to the delivery of the first digital image. If you fall in love with more images you are welcome to purchase extras during image selection.

1 Extra Digital Image



$50 per image

3 Extra Digital Images



$45 per image

5 Extra Digital Images



$40 per image

15 Extra Digital Images



$30 per image

20 Extra Digital Images



$25 per image

Can’t Make It To Our Photoshoot Days?

The Private Option

For those that can’t make it to our photoshoot days for any reason, be that a location issue, a timing issue or a pets mobility issue we can organise an in home session just for you! There could be many reasons why we would need to come to you instead, so we have our pop-up fee which is charged on top of our base session fee to make this possible.

This pop-up fee serves to cover the planning, setup and pack down of the studio and a set travel distance. Going for this option also provides the ability to further customise the session. We can have much longer photoshoots and therefore many more images to choose from, or we can add in a few extra colours.

The price will need to be discussed on an as need basis and will raise depending on travel required by us, and what add ons you would like to make. It will however, be a minimum fee of $150 on top of the base session fee of $75.

Pop-Up Fee



Custom Location & Date

Looking For A Business Solution?

The Commercial Offerings

Whether you are a small business looking for a set of puppy yearbook photos taken, a rescue organisation looking to update your adoption photos or even a large scale business looking for commercially licensed images, we can help.

We don’t have set pricing for commercial clients as your needs are all different and a higher level of planning and quality assurance come into play. We just know that the cost of helping out other business’ means we cannot keep you under the same pricing packages as our consumer clients.

Please reach out to us to discuss your needs and we will let you know hoe we can help and work out a price with you as we know more.

Our Market Pricing

The Market Special

Every so often we set up our stall in the middle of the open air under our trusty gazebo alongside many other vendors or pet businesses. This way we can offer our services to even more people who may not otherwise hear of us. There is no way to book a session on market days, you just show up, line up and come on in.

Due to the lack of booking and thus planning required on our part we are able to offer a slightly cheaper and more condensed base session to those lucky enough to find us on the day. These $50 sessions are very dependant on the conditions on the day and the quality of the images is harder to maintain. Pets on some days can already be overwhelmed, adding in all of our scary gear can prove too much sometimes.

We should post our upcoming markets on social media if you really look forward to that extra saving and a lovely day at the markets.

Market Special


75 50

1 Pet Per Session

Professional Prints

The Printed Artworks

We are currently building out our printing options which we will offer to all clients upon final deliver of their images. Whilst the images you receive are of extremely high quality, they are optimised for web use. Printing through us not only comes with a handful of guarantees, but we can be sure that the image is colour corrected for the right printing medium. 

Check back soon to get a batter look at our professional prints and their pricing.

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The Fun Part

Ready to book in? See what locations we will be visiting and when and access our booking page to organise your session with us. Even if you don’t see a date or location that works you can get in touch to see if we have plans to add more events or if we can organise a private session just for you.