Mobile Pet Photography Studio

The Fun and Colourful Mobile Pet Photography Studio

Our Photoshoot Experience

The Experience

We specialise in, short, sweet and widely enjoyable miniature photoshoots. We spend enough time getting your pets used to the studio and all of the scary gear and snap some awesome photos. All before your pet gets bored or tired and tells us it’s time to call it a day.

How We Operate

The How & Where

We are constantly on the move, hosting photoshoot days all over. New towns and cities are visited as often as possible, and our favourites get to see us regularly. We aren’t always around or always available, so be sure to catch us while we are in the area. We find locations that are secure, yet accessible and host our lovely clients back to back, offering our services to as many as possible.

Secure Locations
Fast & Efficient
New Towns & Cities
Low Stress For All


The End Results

What sets us apart?

The Good Stuff

We pride ourselves on being able to get the best images possible without breaking the bank or interrupting your schedule.

Limited Travel

We visit suburbs near you so you don't have to travel to major cities for great images of your pets.

All Inclusive

Our session fee includes the first digital Image so you're guaranteed to walk away with something.

Optional Extras

If you fall in love, and only if you fall in love you can choose to get more images or amazing prints.



The Words Of The People

See what our previous clients have to say about The Bark Room and why you should book in your session as soon as possible.

Sarah Small
    Sarah Small


    I am absolutely OBSESSED with my photos of my baby border collie, Ziggy! Sam was so friendly, professional and very well priced. Ziggy was so fascinated with him as he treated her with one of her favourite things - peanut butter! I would definitely recommend The Bark Room to anyone, thank you Sam!

    Elyse Marr
      Elyse Marr


      Not only were Sam’s photos amazing, he was so professional to work with! He recommended the coloured background to make Luna’s eyes pop, as you can see in the photos this was a great choice! He made sure that she was comfortable during the whole shoot, especially as Luna had not been under studio lights before.

      Kylie Fletcher
        Kylie Fletcher


        Amazing photos of my boy Wilbur - it was very hot day and Wilbur was very distracted but Sam was so great and relaxed with him

        Kristie James
          Kristie James


          Athena was a bit nervous for her first ever phot shoot but The Bark Room had it covered and did such a wonderful job on her photos! The hardest thing about the whole process was chosing the best picture! Thanks so much!

          Chris Swanson
            Chris Swanson


            Sam was absolutely wonderful with my boy Bruce, landing me with some gorgeous photos! Bruce is very nervous and Sam did a fantastic job still managing to try and get him comfortable and getting some great photos from our quick session at the markets! Very easy process from beginning to end.

            Barbara Inskip
              Barbara Inskip


              Sam at The Bark Room took some wonderful pictures of my treasured dog Jazz. Jazz is a bit of a live wire but Sam was very patient and it was a pleasant experience for myself and Jazz. Great picture to keep and will frame up to enjoy.

              Sue Lattimore
                Sue Lattimore


                The photos of Moses our border collie are wonderful and we will be putting some on our walls. Thankyou so much Sam, We will treasure the photos😀🐶

                Zsuzsa Pasztor
                  Zsuzsa Pasztor


                  Our Session with Sam was fabulous. So much fun yet so private. Summer, our dog loved every minute of it and Sam did not push her into anything that would have made her uncomfortable or stressed. I could tell that Sam enjoys these interactions with his four legged clients. Highly recommend his service as a photographer. Our shots are gorgeous! Thank you Sam, Suzie, Greg and Summer

                  Eliza B
                    Eliza B


                    Sam was awesome, he was very patient with Ren as she was a little bit unsure about everything, he took time to let her adjust to the lights and get comfortable in her environment, we got some absolutely amazing pictures which were good quietly and not to mention Ren looks super adorable.

                    Sarah Wolf
                      Sarah Wolf


                      I had a great experience with The Bark Room. I met Sam at the dog fair in North Sydney - he was super clear about pricing options and made my dog Bowie feel comfortable and safe as he had never had pro photos before. Sam provided lots of options in an easy-to-use gallery for me to choose from and he did a great job retouching! I love the photos and would recommend Sam/The Bark Room if you spot him at a dog day or make a booking online.

                      Jasmin Kollinger
                        Jasmin Kollinger


                        Love Sam's enthusiasm to get just the right photo! He was great with my greyhound Bindi and created some amazing photos of my girl!! Thank you!!

                        Chloe Timores
                          Chloe Timores


                          Sam did an amazing job photographing my Charlie. Not only where the photos stunning but Sam really knew how work with him and I have never seen Charlie be so relaxed around a person he has never met He wasn't scared to get on the floor to make sure Charlie felt secure and to get the perfect photos Thank you so much!! I will be using Sam again for sure

                          Ros Martins
                            Ros Martins


                            Sam did a marvellous job of taking Ziggy's photo, especially since she was very timid and wouldn't pose. He was so patient with her and managed to get lovely pictures. I think she polished off all his doggy treats.

                            Taylor Colless
                              Taylor Colless


                              Sam made my dog so comfortable and made the photo shoot so fun! Photos I’ll cherish forever

                              Book now

                              The Fun Part

                              Ready to book in? See what locations we will be visiting and when and access our booking page to organise your session with us. Even if you don’t see a date or location that works you can get in touch to see if we have plans to add more events or if we can organise a private session just for you.

                              Session Pricing and Extras

                              The Costs and Options

                              We have structured our business around a basic and minimal sitting fee, which covers everything from the planning of the short and sweet session to the delivery of the first digital image. If you fall in love with more images you are welcome to purchase extras during image selection. 

                              We also offer custom pricing for commercial photography services for our pet businesses out there looking for a photoshoot. 

                              For our clients that can’t make it to one of our events for any reason, we also offer private in home sessions for an additional pop-up fee. 

                              Professional grade prints are available on request also.

                              1 Extra Image



                              $50 per image

                              Base Session



                              1 Dog Per Session

                              20 Extra Images



                              $25 per image

                              Behind The Scenes

                              The Edits

                              The images taken in the studio are far from perfect straight out of the camera. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes tidying up loose hair, eye boogers and dust, we remove leads, hands, anything that shouldn’t be in the images and tidy up the background and colouring to get you the perfect image.

                              Choose your background colour

                              The Colourful Part

                              Possibly our most distinguishing feature is our colourful portfolio. We pride ourselves on being able to work with many colours and match your pets with the colour best suited to them. We have many colours on rotation at all times, so there is no shortage of choice for you and your furry friend. The colours will vary slightly between images or sessions, and availability is subject to our stock, as the colours can be used up.

                              Where we have been

                              The Locations

                              In our time as a mobile pet photography studio we have hosted sessions or attended markets as vendors in many locations, and we only plan to grow this list as time goes on. Feel free to request a new area or location for us to visit. We are always on the hunt for new customers and pet models. Here is just a glimpse of the towns we have visited.

                              Our Photoshoot Experience

                              The Process

                              The whole process begins with you reaching out to us via our contact form or booking page, after some planning and formalities we all enjoy a super fun session in the studio. After the session is completed you will get a selection gallery to choose your favourite images, and finally we will deliver your final high-res digital images once they are all polished up and ready for you. 

                              The whole process can take up to 6 weeks from start to finish. However, the usual length of engagement is around 3 weeks.